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Cheer for Your Favorite Lord

2015-10-15 07:10:48

Greetings Brave Lords!
The Hot World Tournament is on! The intense Regional Audition has ended and the top 16 lords have stood out from the successful sign-up lords after fierce battles. Let's congratulations to them! Next will come the more exciting Regional Tour! Who will enter the top 8 until become the final champion? Now the top 16 have been divided into 8 pairs. If you are not among the top 16, it doesn't matter. You can cheer for your favorite. Please note you can only cheer once for the Top 8 Match in the Regional Tour. Each cheer will spend 100 Ingots. But if the lord you cheer defeats his/her matched opponent (enters the top 8), you will obtain 200 Ingots. I have cheered RONGSHAO7. I believe he will defeat his matched opponent. Who will you cheer for?