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2015-10-23 12:20:11

Greetings Brave Lords! The Hot World Tournament is on! RONGSHAO7 and 战神-宿命 have stood out after fierce battles in the Regional Tour. Now we will hold an event to celebrate. 
Duration: Post released to 23:59 Oct 25 (GMT+8)
Rewards: 1 Amulet, 10 War Scroll, 50 Hero Soul and 200,000 Grain
How to participate in the event
1. Like, Share and make the event post PUBLIC
2. For the two strongest lords RONGSHAO7 and 战神-宿命, writes the regional champion you think he will be under the event post. Please always remember to leave your digital ID (Click on the Friends button to see). You can write your comments like this: I guess the champion will be xx and my digital ID is: xxxxxxxx. By the way, you can also share your reason why you think XX will be the champion.
1. The rewards will be given away within three working days after the end of the event.
2. Please follow the event rules, or else you may not receive the rewards.