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Avatar Change, Show Your Style

2015-10-27 10:34:20

Greetings Brave lords! We have always received reports that why some lords' avatars are real person. Can he/she change his/her avatar to the real one? Finally comes the time! We will hold an avatar change event. If you want to have your customized avatar to stand out from other lords, don't miss out.


Event Time: Post released to 23:59, Oct29, 2015 (GMT+8)


How to participate

1. Level 60 or above lords are required to participate in the event.


2. Please provide us your favorite picture and digital ID by Message from our Fanpage. A max of 300 lords is allowed to participate in the event. We will draw 100 lords from the 300 lords at random and the 100 lucky lords' avatars will be changed to the customized avatars. Take note as soon as we collect 300 lords, the event will end automatically. So please come earlier.


3. Please note the avatar picture should be a picture of you or a family picture including you. Besides, the picture should not include violent, pornographic, terrorism elements or political elements.


4. The avatar picture should be Clear, PNG format, size of 100x98. You can use Photoshop or Drawing tools as you like to adjust your favorite avatar picture.


When to change

After the end of event, we will announce the 100 lucky lords and start changing avatars. When we have changed all avatars, we will also make an official announcement on our Fanpage and Website. It is estimated it will take about 10 days to complete the avatar changing. Please keep an eye on our latest information.


Take note please message us for your privacy cause. Other channels providing us your digital ID and avatar picture are invalid. I will attach 1 screenshot for your reference.