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Lucky Lord List of Avatar Change

2015-11-04 04:37:24

Greetings Brave Lords! The Avatar Change, Show Your Style event has ended. There are so many lords participating in the event. As a result, we decides to draw 116 lords (100 lords planned) at random. Attached is the lucky lord list. Please check whether you are on the list or not. If not, doesn't matter. We will hold such event in the future again. By the way, we find out some lords who participate in the event are playing US version, MY version (tabled with US or MY in the rankings list) or below level 60. Please note the event is only available for SG Version's level 60(+) lords. So, those lords are not qualified to participate in the event and will not be drawn.

Tips: It will take several days for us to change the Avatars for you. Once we complete the avatar changing, we will announce it on our Official Website and Facebook. Keep an eye on our latest information.