Dynasty War Dynasty War - US Romantic Diary War of Samkok


Basic Rules of Deploying Units

2015-11-04 12:49:39

Dynasty War has been released for several months. Battles play an important role in playing the game. I'd like to know do you have any strategy when deploying your units. Now I will share a veteran lord's strategy with you. Please note the tips below are written by a veteran lord, just for your reference.

1. You should learn how to use cannon fodders to scout traps, invisible thunder formations, absorb fires, winning survival time for later army. Economical warriors and heavy cavalries with high HP and durability are perfect cannon fodders.


2. It's suggested you'd better watch your enemy's buildings deployment first before attack, especially the defense buildings, such as archer towers, catapults and so on, which should be destroyed first. The basic units only attack the nearest buildings. So it's suggested you deploy the cannon fodders near the place where defense buildings are placed.


3. After selecting the deploy place, it comes the cannon fodder time to clear the outside buildings. Deploy the warriors as cannon fodders. If the warriors cannot reach the outside buildings, deploy some archers.


4. After clearing the outside, deploy the main troops and heroes. Release your heroes' skill at the key time.


5. When deploying troops, you'd better not deploy all your troops one time. It's suggested you deploy troops in batches for several times. According to each type of unit' features, you plan the deploy order. If you deploy all your troops one time, you may suffer your enemy's traps or more defense buildings with AOE damage, leading to lager amount of casualties. Besides, also keep an eye on your enemy's hero skill. If you enemy hero has AOE damage, you'd better deploy small amount of troops first!