Dynasty War Dynasty War - US Romantic Diary War of Samkok


Analysis of Thunder Tripod

2015-11-19 11:56:02

The treasure system has been released for a long time. How many treasures have you collected? Do you know how powerful they are in Dynasty War! In dynasty war, strategic city layout and defense bring us endless fun! Now, we will introduce Dynasty War's superb defense treasure: the Thunder Tripod.

Have you ever noticed the treasure have 2 attributes with one star labeled? Yes, we call them star attributes. As you can see, the star attributes can add more bonuses to the corresponding buildings than other common attributes. As we all know, each gold treasure has 4 attributes available to use. The two star attributes are best ones. Besides, thunder formations' attack and purgatory towers' firing range also better ones. Now let's lean the four attributes' function in detail.


For the thunder formations' HP bonus attribute, it can grant thunder formations bonus HP as many as 300%, which means the thunder formations can withstand Dynasty War's superb heroes Machinist Yue Ying and Zhuge Liang's several attacks. Obviously, it is defensive treasures' NO.1 bonus attribute.


For the Alchemist towers' ATK SPD bonus attribute, if you can recast a 60%+ bonus effect, it will be great. No matter defenses enemies in a city's inside or outside the city, and it will have great effect.


For the Thunder formations' attack bonus attribute, it is the best attack bonus among the treasure's three attack bonuses. With the bonus granted, thunder formations are strong enough to deal double damage to enemy heroes.


For the Purgatory towers' firing range bonus attribute, it is very important. As well all know purgatory towers are enemy heroes' second killer. Even if without the bonus range, it also has long firing range. After granting the bonus range, you can imagine how powerful they will be.


Take note: the strategy comes from a veteran lord, just for your reference. Play the game as you like.