Dynasty War Dynasty War - US Romantic Diary War of Samkok


Server Maintenance on Nov 24

2015-11-23 16:31:36

Dynasty War Sever Maintenance

In order to provide you a better game experience, we plan our server update maintenance from 07:00 to 10:00 on Nov 24, 2015 (GMT+8). The server will be opened earlier or later depending on the server maintenance.


[New Gameplay-Lucky Bag]

Lucky bag has been added: Level 15 alliance required to unlock Lucky Gold Bag, level 25 alliance required to unlock Lucky Hero Soul Bag and level 35 alliance required to unlock Lucky Ignot Bag.



1. Two new heroes: 7-Star Shooter Taishi Ci and 6-Star Queen Lianshi have been added.

2. Zhao Yun's attack range increased, and now he can attack enemies from father place.

3. Defense heroes' counter-back area is expanded. That's to say when suffering attack, the defense heroes can counter back enemies in a larger area (stealth targets are not affected)



1. After occupying  all cities, hard mode campaigns will be unlocked once passing trials.

2. In the hard mode, you can challenge the new 120 cities, which are tougher than the normal ones.

3. Under the hard mode, you can plunder resources, and daily levy to obtain bead. The tougher city you occupy, the more beads you can levy.


[1st Recharge Gift Pack]

1. The 1st recharge's gift, D-girl Yinping now is a full level one (previously level 1).

1. After the server maintenance on Nov 24, all players' 1st Recharge Gift Pack will be reset. That's to say any player can obtain a full-level D-girl Yinping for any amount recharge after the maintenance.


[Treasure System]

1. Blue Jade Chest and Bluestone Chest are added. You can obtain random rewards after opening them. And you can earn the chests from sending alliance lucky bags.


[Optimization of AI Path]

1. Exploding cattle will no longer be stuck under some special conditions.

2. Melee heroes will like to attack targets in the walls.

3. The situation that melee heroes, tiger warriors and fighting elephants still destroy walls when there are gaps nearby has been optimized.



1. When searching  alliances, players will select his/her region's alliances first!

2. The character names of the players who open or close dungeon battles will be displayed.

3. Now when a player leaves an alliance, he/she can join another alliance immediately without a 12-hour limit.

4. Recruit position has been added. After a player joins an alliance, he/she is a recruit and will be promoted to common members after 12 hours. Recruits can sign in, dispatch


[World Tournament]

1. Reinforcements will be available to use in a battle.

2. When a battle ends, after watching a replay to go back, players will go back to the world tournament's corresponding page.

3. For the Cheer page, by clicking a player's avatar, players can check out the player's detailed information.


[Treasure System]

1. Dust split function has been added: Now dusts of high quality can be split into lower ones.

2. Dust combination function has been added: 10 orange treasure shards can be combined into 1 gold one.



1. Reload All button has been added for Magic Crossbows and Purgatory Towers. Tap on the Reload All button to refill ammunition directly.

2. Level 6 advanced barracks now have a new outlook.



For the events Siege Reward Giveaway, Consumption Gifts and Draw Gifts Event, these events' rewards can be claimed from the event page. If the rewards haven't been claimed when these events end, the rewards will be sent to the in-game mail's inbox.



1. For Huangjin Bandits' Rise of Emergent Affairs, now Land Lord Bao is a melee hero.

2. Reinforcements are available in a friendly duel.


[Bug Fixes]

1. Now, in the My Cheers page, when you tap on the View button, information will be displayed correctly.

2. Fix the problem that the world tournament's replay doesn't match the real battle under some special conditions.

3. Now in the world tournament's battle details page, players' alliances will be displayed.

4. For the alliance war, Auto Recruit will grant correct number of units.

5. In the delicate tower, treasures' bonus attributes for rush cars now are displayed.

6. When a hero with active skill releases his/her skill at the moment he/she is revived, the skill released will take effect.