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Thanksgiving Events

2015-11-25 17:30:33

Greetings Brave Lords!

Thanksgiving is coming again! Happy thanksgiving! We also thank you for playing Dynasty War. Your support for Dynasty War is greatly appreciated! We will hold two events to celebrate!

Event 1: Full-level D-Girl Available from Thanksgiving

Duration: Maintenance completed on Nov.24 (Permantly)

Details: We always receive players' report that they need hero D-girl Yinpng to activate Heroine Shangxiang's partnership. However, D-girl Yinping had been regenerated or consumed as sacrificed hero materials. As we all know D-girl Yinping is the 1st recharge's gift. No way to activate Heroine Shangxiang's partnership? Now from the special Thanksgiving day, the first recharge gift will be reset. That's to say from Thanksgiving day's maintenance, you will be gifted a full-level D-girl Yinping after you first recharge (No matter how times you have recharged before Thanksgiving day)! Wonderful!


Event 2: Thanksgiving Login Gift

Duration: 00:00 to 23:59, Nov 26, 2015 GMT +8

As long as you log in to Dynasty War on Thanksgiving day, you will be gifted great rewards.

Rewards: 1 Amulet, 150 Ingot, 15 War Scroll and 15 Blue Dust.