Dynasty War Dynasty War - US Romantic Diary War of Samkok


The Analysis of Charming Chan

2015-11-30 15:55:57

Diao Chan is one of the great four beauties in ancient China. While in dynasty way, Charming Chan and Diao Chan are unparalleled event heroes. Especially Charming Chan is Dynasty War's No.1 healer. Healers play an important role in a battle. A healer specialized in healing powers may not do as much damage as other heroes, but they can play a vital role, keeping the team alive with healing magic.


After deploying other heroes, it comes Charming Chan's time. With her passive skill released, she will make other heroes have full HP after her several times healing, almost equaling to granting heroes new life. Especially, the awakened Charming Chan's healing will make you see your four heroes with full HP to attack at key moment. What's more, her timely healing makes your other heroes survive the key moment when releasing skills.


She is a hero with passive skill. Together with her attributes, she is also a good defender. By the way, her partnership is easy to play.