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The Analysis of Diao Chan

2015-12-03 18:06:48

The Analysis of Diao Chan

Diao Chan is one of the great four beauties in ancient China. While in dynasty way, Diao Chan is one of the unparalleled event heroes. Diao Chan works as a healer in the game with active skill. A healer specialized in healing powers may not do as much damage as other heroes, but they can play a vital role, keeping the team alive with healing magic.


Diao Chan is a very popular hero in Dynasty Way. She cannot only revive but can also add HP for the friendly hero or herself. As we all know Zhuge Liang is Dynasty War's top 1 intelligent hero. While Diao Chan, a healer, is Zhuge Liang's perfect partner. In many conditions, Zhuge Liang should destroy outside common buildings or defense buildings. After all, there is only 1 Zhuge Liang in Dynasty Way. If Zhuge Liang dies, what will happen? With Diao Chan standing by, it doesn't matter. Dian Chan will grant Zhuge Liang a new life. The moment to release Diao Chan's skill is important. Take note revive Zhuge Liang at the place where Zhuge Liang is safe after being revived. Especially, if you have Zhuge Liang and Diao Chan, you'd better have 7-Star Life Lamp. After having the 7-Star Life Lamp, Zhuge Liang and Diao Chan's effect will be increased greatly.


She is a hero with active skill. She is not as strong as she is in attack. By the way, her partnership is easy to play.

By the way, now many veterans have used Cao Cao, such as the first season's World Champion RONGSHAO7.