Dynasty War Dynasty War - US Romantic Diary War of Samkok


Server Maintenance on Dec 28

2015-12-25 18:37:58

Dynasty War Sever Maintenance

In order to provide you a better game experience, we plan our server update maintenance from 07:00 to 10:00 on Dec 28, 2015 (GMT+8). The server will be opened earlier or later depending on the server maintenance. You can experience all-new interesting features after the update.


[New Gameplay-Trick System]

The year is closing out with a bang! A new trick system has been added to have endless fun! Tricks of different effect can inspire more battle tactics, making the game more interesting and challenging.

1. When Headquarter reaches level 5, a new building Imperial College will be unlocked. Once the Imperial College is completed, the trick system will be unlocked.

2. In the Imperial College, you can make tricks or research tricks.

3. Coin and Trick Essence (a new item) should be required to research tricks. The Trick Essence can be obtained from quest system, alliance system and events.

4. After a trick is made, you can carry it in the troop deployment page. The carried trick can be used in combat.

5. For each battle, only 1 trick can be carried. In combat, after tapping on the selected trick, tap any place to use the trick.


[Trick Types]

1. Thunderbolt: Deal damage to enemies within a small area directly.

2. Holy Water: Heal friendly units within range for 5 seconds.

3. Iron Wall: Provide a temporary life shield for friendly units within range.

4. Holy Fire: Attack enemies within a large area many times, with enemy soldiers (2x damage) as favorite targets.



1. Tiger Sun Jian, a new 7-Star hero, has been added. He is not an unparalleled event hero.

2. When Zhou Yu's skill is released, he can release 5 fire blasts (3 fire blasts previously). Besides, the skill's effect can cover more area currently.

3. When Overlord Sun Ce stuns enemy heroes, he can also reduce the enemy heroes' rage.

4. Shooter Taishi Ci's skill has been optimized. Now he should no longer miss targets.



1. Tiger Warriors now can ignore Bewitching Smoke (Don't activate Bewitching Smoke or affected by Bewitching Smoke)

2. Now Tiger Warriors' housing space has been decreased to 10 (previously 25). Tiger warriors' HP and DPS are also adjusted.

3. Tiger Warriors' attack speed is increased, splash area increased as well as movement speed increased.

4. Exploding cattle should no longer be affected by Cunning Dolls.



1. When using the Assault function, heroes and units will no longer slide automatically, making skill release and use of tricks easier.

2. In the Siege, when searching opponents, if any one of heroes, units or tricks is not full, the Preparation page will pop up.



1. New available events will displayed on the top of the event tabs.

2. In the Unparalleled Hero page, now you can tap on the Hero Card to view the hero's details.

3. Luck Wheel's win records now display 50 ones (20 previously).

4. For the event Speed Troops Training, now you can use 50 ingots to enjoy 24-hour boost.

5. For login gift event, the login gift event page has been added.


[Boost Item]

1. New boost items have been added, the items can be used to boost progress of building construction, unit research, and Gov-affairs.



1. Meteor Crossbows' maximum level is 15 (Lv.14 previously), Archer Towers' maximum level is 14 (Lv.13 previously) and Magic Crossbows' maximum level is 7 (Lv.6 previously).


[Treasure System]

1. When recasting treasures to change treasure attribute, a second confirm message will pop up.



1. Tutorial quests for Treasure and Trick have been added. The quests are available when your Headquarter reaches Level 3 and Level 5.

2. New daily quest Alliance Sign-in has been added. Completing the quests can grant you Trick Essence.



1. For the emergency military affair of Goth Invasion, the enemy hero Wood Deer King is now a ranged hero. While the enemy hero Mangyachang is now a melee hero.

2. Now some cities' clouds are not so thick.


[Lucky Bag]

1. Now the total amount of Lucky Coin Bag and Lucky Hero Bag you can send is decreased.

2. Now you can send Lucky Prestige Bag instead of the Lucky Ingot Bag previously.

3. Now you can send 2 lucky bags, while the amount of lucky bags you can grab is 10 ones.

4. You cannot send Lucky Hero Soul Bag or Lucky Prestige Bag unless your character reaches level 50.

5. You can earn Trick Essence by sending any type of lucky bag.

6. On the Grab of Lucky Bag page, you can view the bag's grab rankings.


[Alliance War]

1. In the battle stage and rewards claim page, alliances' info can be checked.

2. The donation space required to obtain a shield has been decreased significantly.


[Alliance Dungeon]

1. Only the first 12 attacks every week can grant rewards.

2. After leaving an alliance, the record of previous chest has been cleared. The chest available to claim the week will be sent to your inbox while the other unclaimed chests will be cleared.


[Prestige Shop]

1. Trick Essence, a new item, has been added in the Prestige Shop.



1. 3Dtouch function is supported for iOS version, making Siege, Taxes easier to play.

2. The attack report page popped up after login now adds shortcut button to view battle report.


[Bug Fixes]

1. When W-Coat Lu Meng is under stealth, he is no longer be attacked by non anti-stealth buildings in some situations.

2. The issue that contents on the event reward page are not displayed in some situations has been fixed.

3. Now the appearance of Xu Chu summoned by Cao Cao can display correctly.

4. Now the issue that tapping on the World Tournament's report button can open several pages has been fixed.