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Share ‎DynastyWar‬ Fanpage to Win Cool Stuff

2016-01-11 10:46:53

Greetings brave lords!
Last time we held this event, which was very warm welcomed. Now we are back! Like and share Dynasty War Facebook Fanpage, then leave your in-game ID under this post, you may have chance to win lots of ingots! Don't miss out!

1. Duration: Post released - 23:59, Jan 14, 2016
2. Please make sure you LIKE and SHARE the post, or you may couldn't get the rewards.
3. Leave your correct digital ID under the event post to participate. Click friend button to see your digital ID.

1st reward: 2888 Ingots or a 6-star hero (randomly)
2nd reward: 1888 Ingots
3rd reward: 888 Ingots
We will randomly give rewards among the reply. For fairness, we will using the computer drawing software to choose out the lucky guy.

Have fun!

Click here to participate in the event: https://www.facebook.com/ngamesdw/