Dynasty War Dynasty War - US Romantic Diary War of Samkok


Server Maintenance on Feb 1

2016-01-30 17:24:41

Dynasty War Sever Maintenance

In order to provide you a better game experience, we plan our server update maintenance from 07:00 to 10:00 on Feb 1, 2016 (GMT+8). The server will be opened earlier or later depending on the server maintenance. You can experience all-new interesting features after the update.


[New Gameplay-City Defense Technology System]

1. When Headquarter reaches level 7, a new building Def Academy will be unlocked. Once the Def Academy is completed, you can research Defense Technology, helping you forge an invulnerable city.

2. In the Def Academy, you can obtain necessary materials used for upgrading Def technology by Trea-Hunting.

3. By costing a certain amount of research materials and resources, you can research defense technology, improving defense buildings’ status significantly.

4. Defense buildings’ technology level depends on the highest number of cities occupied in Campaign. The more cities occupied in Campaign, the higher level Def Technologies can be upgraded to.

5. When visiting other players’ cities, the Defender’s Attribute panel will display the total bonus status of treasures and Def Technology.


[Quest Chain for Beginners]

Event Rise of Force Available

1. For beginners, you can complete the first 5 day\'s beginner quests within 7 days after the event begins.

2. According to your quest progress, you can claim the corresponding All-goal Reward.

3. For veterans, the event will be activated for your first login after the maintenance.



1. A special 7-Star hero, Lady Lingqi is available to play after the maintenance. It is rumored that she is as powerful as Machinist Yueying.

2. The mitigation value of Guan Yu’s awakening skill has changed. The max mitigation now is 80% (50% previously). The duration of Guan Yu’s Skill now is 6 seconds (5 seconds previously)

3. When regenerating an already trained hero, a second confirmation box will pop up.



1. Taiping Taoists’ DPS has been increased. Level 1: From 35 to 70, Level 2: From 60 to 85, Level 3: From 70 to 100

2. The attack power of Taiping Taoists’ summoned lurking wolfsoul has been increased by 5. Now the summoned lurking wolfsouls can last for 45 second.

3. Fighting Elephant now moves faster, increased to 2.5 from 2.2.

4. Heavy Cavalry now moves faster, increased to 2.2 from 1.5.



1. Dragon Broadsword now has a new attribute added: When sword heroes' HP is lower than 1 the first time, restores 18%-50% HP.

2. Now when visiting other players or scouting other players in Alliance War, you can view their treasure status.


[World Tournament]

1. Season 3 is coming. Sign-up starts at 00:00, Feb 2 GMT+8


[Alliance War]

1. Now successful alliance war support requires 2-Flags victory

2. Now in Alliance War battlefield, you can view current castellan’s information and treasure status by tapping on the enemy’s city info button.



1. Alliance ingot donation times now depend on lord level. The higher level you are at, the more donations times you have.



1. Superb Warlord event is available after the maintenance. During the event, the higher rank you are at on the rankings, the more extra rewards you can earn. The first event is available from Feb 2 to Feb 3.

2. For the Warlord Tour Gift Giveaway event, you can earn extra rewards on the condition that you win required amount of battles after the server maintenance. The first event is available from Feb 4 to Feb 5.



1. Now Thunderbolt, Holy Water and Holy Fire’s effect description has been optimized, becoming clearly.



1. Warehouse buildings such as Vault, Barn and Exotic Cabinet now become more reinforced, available to fend off enemies’ damage type trick.


[Emergency Military Affair]

1. Only the first 9 times successful support can earn you resource rewards. Prestige reward is also available for the first 3 times.


[Lucky Bag]

1. Now common members of an alliance can also view Refresh Settings. But only the leader or vice leader can open or close the alliance lucky bag refresh function.



1. Now Bronze Chime is valid for 5 days (previously 3 days).


[Invitation Code]

1. When you enter your friend’s invitation code, you are gifted 1 Talent Invitation.


[Civil Affairs]

1. When you enter your friend’s invitation code, you are gifted 1 Talent Invitation. In the Civil affairs>Resource page, you cannot use Ingot to exchange for Talent invitation after the maintenance.


[Bug Fixes]

1. Now when a hero is frozen after targeting a target, and him/her rage can increase as intended.

2. In siege combat, when deploying troops, you should no longer tap on the Next button.

3. Now the game should no longer be stuck when you tap on the Go and Close button at the same time on the quest page.

4. Completing Gov-Affairs by using ingot now works properly.

5. The Alchemist summoned by died fan heroes cannot attack cunning dolls when they are charmed.