Dynasty War Dynasty War - US Romantic Diary War of Samkok


Server Maintenance on Mar 24

2016-03-23 11:42:51


【Spring Comes】
1. The loading page between scenes changes will be adjusted to the relaxed Spring Theme.


【World Tournament】
1. Player promoted to the Regional Audition will be added to 64 instead of 16 as before.
2. Player promoted to World Audition will be added to 64 instead of 16 as before. Among those players, the winners in region tour will be included.
3. The Region Tour is adjusted to Region Group and Region Champion.
4. The world tour is adjusted to World Group and World Champion.


1. Alliance war match formula will be optimized, the impact of winning stream in the alliance war will be decreased. (Will come into effect in the alliance war after maintenance)
2. Add function of arranging city. The chief can arrange the rank of fighters’ city. (Will comes into effect in the alliance war next week.)
3. Information push system will be added when it comes to the different stage of alliance war. 

【Alliance Dungeon】
1. Each alliance can open dungeon twice, open once will cost 1 time no matter which difficulty.
2. The function that player can open 2 chests each week is adjusted to gaining 2 chests each week.


1.  The moving speed of Charming Chan will be added from 2.6 to 2.1.
2.  The skill of Charming Chan will be adjusted:
Skill: the active released skill. A beauty smiles toward heroes, healing heroes 12 times with each time restoring 1288 HP, the prior target is the hero with lowest HP according to proportion. (When in full attribution)
Awaken skill: Randomly add rage for 10 sec to 2 heroes. (When in full attribution)
3. Range of Ma Chao’s skill and awaken skill is increased.
4. Zhang Jiao’s skill is adjusted to release 5 lightening at the same time and strike to the target directly, the awakening skill is adjusted to increase 25% damage of each lightening. (When in full attribution)
5. Effect range of Lady Lingqi’s skill is increased when target is chosen. (Distance of skill to choose target remains the same)
6. The moving action and attack action is rearranged 
7. Sculpt of armored target of Machinist Yueying is adjusted to be special. (Sculpt of each lv of target remains the same.)


【Friendly Units - Rush Car】
1. New feature is added: damage to the defense building X2.
Original feature: damage to the wall X10 is adjusted to the wall X5.
2. 30 Space is adjusted to 15; Moving Speed, Attack Speed, Damage per second, HP is adjusted.
3. Training time and resource consumed is adjusted.
4. Attack action and special effect of rush car is adjusted, which will be more compulsive.


1.You can check "recast attribute” in the recast page of treasure system.
2. Add new button "no reminder today" when you lack your boost item
3. The grain will not be cost when treasure is changed


【The speed-up system】
1. There will be ingot amounts to finish shown on the speed-up button of setting up buildings, friendly units research, govern affair.


【New Force】
1. The exclamatory mark is adjusted to the first log-in of each day.
2. Countdown of all goal rewards page will not be shown when all the mission reached.


1. “View Alliance” button will be added to Friend Chatting.
2. lv demands will be shown in Public Chatting page.
3. The extra blank space in Imperial College will be shielded.
4. System will automatically recycle God of Wealth icon after the God of Wealth event ends.
5. There will be a hint when 60 wins in Siege is achieved. 


【BUG Fixed】
1. Now Guan Yu can destroy craftsman house.
2. Display issue of the range of Sima Yi’s skill is fixed.
3. Display issue of returning resources when buildings on the stock or upgraded is cancelled is fixed.
4. Now hero can be claimed successfully when hero card bag is full.
5. Display of skill range of Ma Chao, Sima Yi, Gan Ning, Cao Zhang, Xun Yu, Gao Shun is corrected.
6. Display issue when Shooter Ziyi is dispatched and gain 10 sec rage is fixed.
7. If dispatch troops in Alliance dungeon within 30 sec, the fighting times will not be deducted