Dynasty War Dynasty War - US Romantic Diary War of Samkok


Server Maintenance on Apr 25

2016-04-22 14:28:47

Dynasty War Sever Maintenance

In order to provide you a better game experience, we plan our server update maintenance from 07:00 to 10:00 on Apr 25, 2016 (GMT+8). The server will be opened earlier or later depending on the server maintenance. You can experience all-new interesting features after the update.


[New Hero]

1. A new 7-Star hero, Mortred Zhang Liao is available to play after the maintenance. It is rumored that he is as powerful as Zhuge Liang.



1. Now you can have up to 100 friends (previous 50).

2. One-Key Send Energy function is available.



1. No mail prompt will be sent when Time-limited Siege EXP Boost event is on.

2. When tapping on Go Now button on the Regeneration Event page, you will go the hero  regeneration page directly.



1. Now you can receive alliance Reinforcements even if you are offline.

2. Now Alliance Chief can enter three times of characters when sending mail to alliance members.

3. When inviting friends to join an alliance. A prompt message will pop up when the friends’ inbox is full.

4. Optimization of troop donation page, now when you donates the last troop on some conditions, the donation page will no longer go back to the original position.

5. View Alliance button added when tapping on players’ some pop-up menus.


[Warlord Tour]

1. Now you can view the previous round’s top 10 lords.


[Def Academy]

1. Optimization of research materials’ amount display, characters should no longer be overlapped.


[Bug Fixes]

1. Shooter Taishi Ci’s shadow guards should no longer be stuck.

2. Now the issue that some treasures’ value doesn’t match on different pages has been fixed.

3. Now Counselors can invite friends to join an alliance as intended.

5. Now after leaving an alliance, the Share button of Replay will no longer exist.