Dynasty War Dynasty War - US Romantic Diary War of Samkok



2015-04-24 07:14:04

Game Mode
There are three battle modes in Dynasty Warlords: Campaign, Siege and Warlord Tour.
Siege (Player vs. Player)
Players can attack other lords’ city for resources, Coins and Grain. Since there are many ways to build a city, players have to use different methods to attack cities. Plunder resources and coins by deploying your troops effectively.

Besides sieging cities, you will also need to defend your own city when other players attack your city. In order to lower the chance of being plundered, you have to build a strong city.

In the siege battle, you not only receive resources, but also hero EXP!

The enemy is coming, upgrade and expand your city with the resources you plundered to reinforce your own city.

Important Notes:
1.Honor can be obtained after each successful siege. Honor is a criterion to judge a player’s power. Opponents that are matched with you have similar amounts of honor.
2.Attack opponents with available resources. If the player has only a limited amount of resources, you may consider changing an opponent.
3.Your resource storage limit determines how many resources you can store in your storage. If you don’t have enough storage space, you will get nothing from your opponent, even if you win the siege.
4.Opponent’s Defensive Power determines whether to continue the battle. There is a 30-second observation period. You can quit or change opponents without any losses during this period.