Dynasty War Dynasty War - US Romantic Diary War of Samkok



2015-04-24 07:23:13

Game Mode
There are three battle modes in Dynasty Warlords: Campaign, Siege and Warlord Tour.
Campaign (Story Mode)
In order to achieve your lofty cause, reunification of the three kingdoms, campaigns are inevitable. The relationships between you and neighboring cities can affect the current situation. Conquering more cities can raise your civilian official’s rank and increase taxes.

1.Civilian Rank: Players can raise their civilian officials’ ranks to Prefecture Chief, Marshal or Premier through their own efforts. To earn promotions, conquer more cities. The higher the civilian’s rank, the more levy rewards received.
2.Force Settings: Players have to fight up to 20 forces to unify the world. Different forces have different power, cities and heroes.

After attacking a force, you become their enemy. Hostile forces will assault your city the following day. Players are allowed to restore friendly relations with hostile forces by spending Coins.

Destroy a force and earn great rewards.